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MSRM, as a brand represents what every Business owner wants from a PPE Distributor, Correct pricing, Quality Product, Service delivery with Integrity, Honesty, and Consistency. As a company, we operate on the International and Local Level of the Business. We make our claim to consistency not lightly and understand Your Requirements when it comes to your employees – Health, Safety, and General wellbeing on your operational sites. 

We operate on a 24 Hour – 48 Hour turnaround time on available stocked items and 48-72 hour turnaround time on out-of-stock items. Whether you might be purchasing 10 or 1000 items we are here to assist you in a consistently professional manner.

For more details on our Firm contact us! admin@msrm.co.za 




PPE Personal Protective Equipment Suppliers direct from the Manufacturer. We deliver Nationally in all 9 provinces