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6th Oct 2018
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6th Oct 2018

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and Alcohol abuse at the Workplace

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse what to do with Employees Misusing at Work or comming to work under the influence

Abuse of alcohol, drugs and other substances can affect health, work performance and safety. As an employer, you must ensure the health, safety and welfare of your workers in the workplace. Here are some things to consider:

  • Workers also have a duty to take reasonable care of themselves and others who could be affected by their actions while they are at work

  • You may wish to involve organisations that can offer help and support, or give your workers their contact details

  • If you decide that strict standards are needed because of safety-critical jobs, then agree procedures with workers in advance

  • If you decide that workplace drug testing is appropriate, you may need to consider the type of testing, how the sample is collected and how to prevent its contamination

  • Disciplinary procedures may be needed where safety is critical

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